Secret Ceres

Love and pamper your female organs, celebrate your femininity. Secret Ceres harmonizes the vagina in a natural way.

Made for women

Although Secret Ceres was originally invented to narrow and cleanse the vagina, it has been used for many centuries by Asian women to preserve and rejuvenate the genitals and increase libido. Thanks to its unique composition, processing and synergistic cooperation of selected herbal ingredients and minerals, Secret Ceres narrows the vagina and at the same time stimulates the cleansing mechanism of the female body.

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Why women love Secret Ceres?

♦ natural cleansing of the female genitals

♦ facilitates the renewal of the vaginal microflora

♦ suitable for postpartum women

♦ increased libido and sexual sensitivity

What other women say?

I’m halfway there, I basically have no gynecological problems. I have a pretty passionate partner and we are no longer the youngest, so I use him to calm the environment inside. At first, I felt a slight tingle during the introduction. I evaluated that something was being treated there, and I think that the inner environment is now as it should be.
– Klára

As soon as I felt that I was starting to have some inflammation, I used Secret Ceres and within two days everything was fine.
– Pavlína


Curcumi Xantorrhizae Radix

Ocimi Sancti seeds

Punici Granati seeds

In accordance with this wisdom, carefully selected ingredients were mixed and processed into Secret Ceres in the traditional way. During this process, bioenergy is incorporated into each stone.