History of Secret Ceres

Asian culture, based on Ayurvedic philosophy, knowledge of life, assumes that the world is made up of 5 elements: heaven (Visuddha), air (Anahata), fire (Manipura), water (Swadisthan) and earth (Muladhara). Together with the relevant bioenergies (doshas), these five elements control the physiological and spiritual-emotional processes in our body: Vata (air and heaven). Pitta (fire and water) and Kapha (earth and water). As long as these energies are in perfect balance, the human being is considered healthy.

In accordance with this wisdom, carefully selected raw materials were mixed and processed into Secret Ceres in the traditional way. During this process, bioenergy is incorporated into each stone. By inserting it into the vagina – the center of a woman’s body – the energies of the five elements can be optimally absorbed by our body and develop inside the whole body.
Each bar is handmade in the spirit of the sacred tradition.


♦   23 % Alunit 

♦   20 % Ocimi Sancti seeds

♦   17 % Punici Granati seeds

♦   9 % kaolin

♦   8 % Eurycoma Longifolii Radix 

♦   5 % Scaphium

♦   5 % Artemisii Annui Radix 

♦   3 % Punici granati fructi corium 

♦   3 % Curcumi Xantorrhizae Radix 

♦   3 % Artesian spring water

♦   2 % Piper Betle seeds

♦   2 % Piper Betle folium 

What is in Secret Ceres?


Alunite was used in ancient Chinese and Egyptian culture to heal crystals and to reduce body odor. It was associated with the heart chakra, although it is more often associated with the sacral and root chakras.

Ocimi Sancti seeds

It is grown in tropical areas throughout Southeast Asia and has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda for its diverse healing properties. Western medicine also describes its very good properties for the human body, which are well documented today by professional studies.


Already in the period of Antiquity, its fruit, the pomegranate, was considered not only as the fruit of love and passion, but also as a powerful aphrodisiac, which was a sign of the goddess of love – Astarta – Eset – Aphrodite – Venus. In many cultures around the world, it represents the original symbol of versatility in harmony as well as sensual love, passion, potency and fertility.


It is a clayey crystalline mineral formed over many millions of years by hydrothermal decomposition and transformation of silicate rock. In its purest form, it is snow-white, odorless and almost tasteless.

Tongkat Ali

It is a small coniferous tree that grows on the hilly slopes of the rainforests of Southeast Asia, including Malaysia and Indochina. It has been used here for centuries as a medicinal herb for its effects.


It is originally from Indochina. Its seeds (malva nut) are used in traditional Chinese medicine. Helps treat mucositis.

Artemisii Annui Radix

It originates from the temperate zone of Asia, blooms light yellow and smells sweetly of camphor. The plant contains healthy oils, but also a substance called artemisinin and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Curcumi Xantorrhizae Radix

It is a species of plant belonging to the ginger family that grows in the tropical climate of Malaysia. It contributes very well to maintaining the good condition of the vaginal mucosa – especially in women with impaired vaginal microflora and during menopause.

Piper Betle seeds

She is considered the queen of the herbs of the plant kingdom. It was previously used exclusively on the island of Java. This plant is believed to bring harmony.

Artesian spring water

The perfect crystal structure of the water molecule is important in order to enhance the synergistic effects of the natural ingredients that Secret Ceres contains. Artesian water is considered “mature” water. Unlike water from a common source, it has been filtered and mineralized for millions of years.