Affiliate program

Earn commission for Secret Ceres product recommendations!

How it works

1. recommendation

Recommend the Secret Ceres product through a special link or banner that will be assigned to you after registration.

2. order

The customer orders Secret Ceres via a link or banner and pays.

3. Earn a commission

You get 5% commission for referrals. In addition, if you buy the product yourself, you will also receive a commission for your own purchase. So you get a 5% discount on the Secret Ceres product.

How is the commission paid?

Using a PayPal account

Every 2 months you will receive a commission on your PayPal account. Payments won’t begin until you’ve earned more than $ 500. When registering, do not forget to fill in the field “PayPal account”, where you enter the e-mail address connected to PayPal. Only then will I know where to send the commission.

How can I recommend Secret Ceres?

1. Using the affiliate link

The links are in the form, where X is a number that we assign to you in the administration after registration. The customer you bring to our website can order within 60 days of the first visit. It will then be counted as your recommendation. You can find your referral link in the administration.

2. Using an affiliate banner

The banner is ready in the customer administration, to which you will get access after registration. You can place a banner on your website, for example. If you need a custom banner, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Are you an existing affiliate partner?

Log in to your account to view the affiliate link and banner.