Secret Ceres

For internal detoxification of the vagina

What is Secret Ceres?

Secret Ceres is a natural internal detoxification product traditionally used by women throughout Asia. It restores the vaginal microflora to an optimal state and induces internal narrowing. This also improves the intensity of a woman’s lovemaking experiences.

Health benefits

♦ long tradition from the Far East

♦ no side effects

♦ also for external application

♦ practical and easy to use


♦ natural cleansing of the female genitals

♦ facilitates the renewal of the vaginal microflora

♦ also suitable for postpartum women

♦ increased libido and sexual sensitivity


♦ vaginal microflora and vaginal mucosa

♦ birth canal relaxed after delivery

♦ sensitivity of the vagina, and thus contributes to a better sexual experience

♦ skin (external use is recommended for epidermal reactions)

Why is Secret Ceres so special?

Thanks to its unique composition, processing and synergistic cooperation of selected herbal ingredients and minerals, Secret Ceres narrows the vagina and at the same time stimulates the cleansing mechanism of the female body. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of the active ingredients effectively suppress the difficulties that are often the result of an imbalance of vaginal secretion. It promotes a healthy intimate microflora and contributes to greater arousal during sexual intercourse.


Natural ingredients

Secret Ceres contains 100% natural ingredients. The plants processed in this stalactite-like product grew in a fertile, rich, unpolluted environment. The manual processing of each piece of Secret Ceres guarantees its highest purity, quality, bioenergetic value and efficiency. That is why Secret Ceres is only produced in limited quantities.

Who is Secret Ceres for?

Secret Ceres is an ideal product for women who prefer local action without unwanted side effects on the whole organism. It is designed for women who want to purify themselves at the energy level.

Spiritual benefits

While using Secret Ceres, a woman can open up old unprocessed emotions that arose from traumatic events in the past and were stored in the subconscious, such as a bad sexual experience, childbirth or abortion. Furthermore, he can realize the stuck patterns of his behavior and his postulates, ie his own beliefs that a woman has decided to believe at a certain stage of her life (eg the belief that she is not good enough as a woman, that experiencing sexual intercourse is “bad”, etc.)

Thanks to the awareness of emotional blocks, it is possible to embark on the way to their correct processing, release, reconciliation and conclusion of the whole painful topic. Subsequently, the physical body can heal.